Running the Utraces Checker in JTorX

  1. Enter the path to the specification file in Config Items text field Model
    (or use the Browse button; make sure it shows All supported Formats).
  2. Select the right "Interpretation"
  3. Select the UtracesCheck tab.
  4. Press the Check button, after a while results will be presented.
  5. To visualize a result
    1. Select one of the result lines.
    2. Press the Simulate selected trace button; a new tab should appear.
    3. Select the Simulate trace . . . tab that just appeared.
    4. In this tab, press the Start button; two visualization windows appear.
      • One animates how we step through the trace; the other how we step through the model.
      • When the end of the trace is reached, the highlighted states in the animation of the model are the ones that differ with respect to the enabled input actions.
  6. Press the Stop button or close the Simulate tab when you are done.

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