From 02 Apr 2014 to 01 May 2014

01 May 2014

14:06 Maintenance #163: Remove traces of -grey from ltsmin
- Split PINS in must-implement and may-implement functions
- Rename GB** to pins_*_*
- Explain ltstype functions (w...
Alfons Laarman
13:59 Bug #682: barrier is not cleaned up correctly
ask stefan.
resolved in next?
Alfons Laarman
13:58 Feature #688: extend IO with DOT format
merge Alfons Laarman
13:57 Maintenance #699: Improve multi-process memory management

Traces left of grey:
GB* functions in pins.[ch]
Also rename functions such as Warning to e.g. Report...
Alfons Laarman
13:42 Feature #703 (Assigned): Improve testsuite
Alfons Laarman
11:47 Feature #649 (Closed): Apply patch for mCRL2 readable edge lables
Apparently, the mCRL2 readable labels options does not provide an injective function and this therefore causes problems. Alfons Laarman
11:43 Maintenance #163 (Assigned): Remove traces of -grey from ltsmin

Alfons Laarman
11:40 Feature #724 (Assigned): Support better LTL to Buchi solutions
Alfons Laarman

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