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08 Aug 2018

13:52 CTIT computing lab Wiki edit: Full_list_of_hardware (#18)
13:52 CTIT computing lab Wiki edit: Full_list_of_hardware (#17)

03 Feb 2015

12:13 LTSmin We have moved to github
12:13 SpinS We have moved to github!

02 Feb 2015

14:38 LTSmin Maintenance #701 (Closed): make check generates warnings
This is fixed now in buddy

27 Jan 2015

11:14 LTSmin Bug #700 (Closed): Make dist fails on mac
I removed the bddcalc example, so that this issue becomes obsolete: a443e1a236163463a703cc81f2e614c5a68ff765.
11:08 LTSmin Bug #713 (Closed): Update documentation, remove tracing for *2lts-dist
Traces are implemented in d99122b87d23eb6e81e9f35259f03859170e88d4. So this issue is obsolete now.
10:42 LTSmin Bug #733 (Resolved): LTSmin state_labels_default_short expands to number of rows
Fixed with 126ed071.
10:41 LTSmin Bug #734 (Resolved): LTSmin's make script should compile spins
Is fixed with 09ffb6df.
10:37 LTSmin Maintenance #740 (Resolved): LibDDD: Install of Google sparse hash headers
Tested and website updated.

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