Atelier for Creative Programming

Funded by: SURF
Duration: June 2019 until January 2021
Contact: dr. A. Fehnker

Summary of the project

In a classical atelier, pupils are learning with and from apprentices under the direction   of a master, each pupil working on their own individual piece, tinkering with materials,  textures and techniques to create a product to the satisfaction of the master.  The aim of this proposal is to develop a modern-day equivalent for programming courses. The setting is programming courses in which students work on their own projects with the help of students assistants and guided by a team of lecturers. The material students have to master are types, loops, classes, and objects, and the technique they have to master is object-oriented design of an interactive application.

The aim of the proposed project is to create a learning platform for students, student assistants, and lecturers, that is embedded in current practice teaching of programming in CreaTe. The aim is to foster a Community of Practice that has a program-specific vision of good software design. The motivation is to make the educational innovation for programming in CreaTe scalable and sustainable, an innovation that was recently awarded the 2018 Best Practices in Education Award by Informatics Europe.