CARP: Correct and Efficient Accelerator Programming

Funded by: European Commission FP7
Duration: December 2011 until December 2014

Summary of the project

The CARP European research project aims at improving the programmability of accelerated systems, particularly systems accelerated with GPUs, at all levels. This involve designing high-level programming formalisms geared towards accelerators, writing highly optimizing compilers to compile high-level code into efficient OpenCL, verifying correctness of accelerator kernels, and employing intensive symbolic testing techniques to find bugs. See the objectives page for more details.


The CARP project unites world-class European research institutions and innovative industrial partners:

  • ARM, United Kingdom, Key personel: Anton Lokhmotov, GPU hardware, OpenCL tools
  • Realeyes, Estonia, Key personel: Elnar Hajiyev, Eye-tracking software
  • Rightware, Finland, Key personel: Teemu Uotila, GPU benchmarking

Additional Resources

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