Student Language Development Environment


SLADE is the system behind the book "Practice and Principles of Compiler Building with C" by dr. Henk Alblas and dr. Albert Nymeyer. The underlying philosophy of the book is that practical experience motivates the study of principles. SLADE has been in use now for more than 10 years, and a great many students have developed their own compiler with the system. Many students have also contributed to the development of SLADE; the most notable being Tsjeard de Boer, Rob Driessen, Aad Droppert, Rick Klaren, Theo Ruys and Paul Vetter.

An earlier batch-oriented, Pascal-version, of the system was designed and implemented by Henk Alblas, Frans Faase, Joos Schaap-Kruseman and Wim Schepers. Han Groen ported the Pascal-version to C, designed and implemented the present Windows-based user-interface, and wrote most of the documentation. Christiaen Slot and Gerrit van der Veer contributed to the presentation and usability of the user-interface and the documentation.