Student Language Development Environment


Permission is hereby given to use, copy, modify, and distribute the SLADE software provided that:

We make no representations or warranties of any kind concerning this software or its use!

Click on one of the platforms listed below to download the SLADE software on your computer.

Note 1: Blanks in directory path names are not (yet) supported, so try to avoid them when choosing your installation directory.

Note 2: When using Slade version 2.8 or 2.9 under MS-Windows 98 you need to take the following steps after installation:

  1. Goto the bin directory of Slade and set the following properties for the files: mkpars.bat, codgen.bat and sladerun.bat (properties of a file can be set by right-clicking on a file and selecting the properties menu-item).
  2. In the Properties dialog select the "Memory" tab and set the "Initial environment" field to 1024.
  3. Then select the "Program" tab and set the "Close on exit" flag.
  4. Then click on "Apply" and "OK". That's all, when you're using Slade 2.8.
  5. When you're using Slade 2.9 under Windows 98, you also need to replace the three .bat files, click here to download the new files.

Note 3: generation of the interactive debugger/compiler is only done in the MS-Windows version.