author: Thomas Neele
title: Implementation of a compression algorithm in a GPU
keywords: gpu programming, parallel algorithms, compression algorithm
topics: Algorithms and Data Structures
committee: Afshin Amighi ,
Marieke Huisman ,
Saeed Darabi
end: January 2014


We investigate the scalability of an existing lockless hash table when it is implemented on a GPU. This lockless hash table is an essential part of a model checker, a tool that can be used to prove the correctness of software that performs critical tasks. We show that our implementation of the hash table on a GPU is scalable and that a GPU can lookup twice as much per second as a CPU when running the same OpenCL implementation. We also propose a design for integrating our implementation with a model checker. We argue that this design will lead to better performance of the model checker.

For the paper see:



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