Design Projects

This webpage holds a list of available, in progress and completed Design projects at FMT. If you are interested in carrying out a MSc assignment at the FMT group, please contact dr. Marieke Huisman, the study advisor of FMT.


Graph Animation ( A. Rensink)
Compiled graph transformation ( A. Rensink)
Graphical Modelling of Dynamic Fault Trees (D. Guck, Prof.dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga, Dr. E.J.J. Ruijters)
A Graphical User Interface for LTSmin (J.J.G. Meijer, prof.dr. J.C. van de Pol)
A (web browser-)window on the world of safety and reliability (dr. S. Schivo, Prof.dr. M.I.A. Stoelinga)
A Testing Framework for a Tool Set for Program Verification (prof.dr. M. Huisman, W.H.M. Oortwijn)
Improving the Maintainability of a Verification Toolset (prof.dr. M. Huisman, W.H.M. Oortwijn)


No projects to show.


Remco de Man, Lukas Miedema, Ömer Şakar, Melcher Stikkelorum - Quiz Application (April 2017)
Ron van Bree, Lindsay Kemper, Sven Konings, Hans van der Laan, Pim van Leeuwen - Graphter Effects (April 2017)
Erik Kemp, Eva van den Eijnden, Jip Spel, Twan Coenraad - Wat een Les (June 2015)
Alexander Drechsel, Sander Vlutters, Stanley Huang, Henley Ding, Jeffrey Steen - OV Pong (January 2014)