author: Wybren Kortstra
title: Java(Script) Application Performance on Android
topics: Other
committee: Luís Ferreira Pires
started: August 2015
end: January 2016


In general we regard JavaScript based applications on mo- bile devices to perform less than Java applications. However the cost of developing a JavaScript application is much lower compared to a Java application. Depending on how powerful the device is and the tasks the application has to complete we can immediately perceive the difference. However, what is the difference and how can we measure this. If we can measure the performance we can more easily make decisions on what applications we can create with JavaScript and what not. We will look for a way to measure the difference between Java and JavaScript applications and to show this. For this to achieve we will create a benchmarking tool. At the end we can use the tool on different devices and see what the performance of a JavaScript application would be compared to a Java application for a specific device. 


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