author: Han Hollander
title: Using Software Metrics as Indicators for Agility of Object-Oriented Projects
keywords: Software Metrics, Software Agility, Code Properties, Complexity, Cohesion, Coupling, Object Oriented Software, Estimation of Effort
topics: Software Technology
committee: Arend Rensink ,
David Huistra
started: April 2018
end: July 2018


In the research reported in this document we will explore if software metrics of object-oriented software projects can be used as indicators of agility in software, and how these metrics can be tested for suitability. For this we use a testbed of several different implementations of software - all with the same functionality. The testbed also reports the effort that went into implementing several different extensions to the software. We can use this to try to find a correlation between the change in the value of the metrics between versions of the software and the effort put into developing the new versions. If such a correlation exists, this can indicate that the metrics can be used to estimate the effort of adding functionality to - and by definition also the agility of - software.