author: Ahn Tuan Nguyen
title: Visualization of risk fault trees (2)
keywords: Visualization, fault trees
topics: Creative
committee: Arnd Hartmanns ,
Mariëlle Stoelinga
started: February 2020
end: July 2020
type: Creative Technology



Fault trees are a popular model in risk analysis: they describe how failures propagate from components to system level: system components are modeled as leaves of the tree, and gates (as AND, OR, priority-AND) in a fault tree model how failures propagate to the top of the tree, which represents that the system has failed.

A wide number of techniques is available to analyse fault trees, both in a qualitative and in a quantitative way: cut sets, BDDs, probabilistic analysis, etc. 

Goal of this project is to visualize the outcomes of such analyses: while standard GUIs exist to draw fault trees, and to add the information needed for the analysis, this is not true for the outcomes of the analysis: presention of the results usually done via simple plots. This can be done much better and nicer!

Hence, we would like to develop more sophisticated and interactive means to visualize a fault tree: various visualization tools and frameworks can be deloyed here --- making fault tree analysis a joy to look at.


- study fault tree models

- investigate state-of-the-art visualization tools

- implement a fault tree visualizer

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