title: Learning Analytics for Atelier
keywords: programming education, online tool, data analytics, static analysis
topics: Case studies and Applications , Creative , Software Technology
committee: Ansgar Fehnker


Atelier is a Learning Environment for Novice Programming Students. It’s aim is to make it easier to share, and comment on student code during tutorials, and give teaching assistants additional support in finding error or design issues. The platform has been used for about a year now, and has been integrated in the first-year of modules CreaTe. The aim of this project is identify learning analytics that will inform students, teaching assistants and lecturers. Students should get an overview of their progress and weaknesses, teaching assistants on students and other assistants do in the course, and lecturers in addition how well the course goes. Ideally the dashboard also enables research into which interventions are most effective in improving the course. This project happens as a continuation of the Atelier project (https://research.utwente.nl/en/publications/atelier-for-creative-programming).