author: Bjorn Postema
title: A Model For Investment Strategies On Datacenters
company: Better Be
topics: Software Technology
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga
started: February 2012
end: May 2012


Datacenters become more and more important. A recent survey under senior decision makers in2010 shows that the demand for datacenters still seems to grow. In 2012 a survey by Digital Reality shows that cloud computing is an important reason for growth in the demand for datacenters in North America. Because of this upcoming trend, the datacenter business is preparing for flexibleand larger datacenters. The datacenters should be flexible and large in a way that it is easy to havean pay-as-you-grow  structure. The question arises how to accommodate these needs and how to invest in these data centers. This report studies and compares various investment strategies for data centers.