title: model-based testing & more at Nedap
company: Nedap
keywords: model-based testing
committee: Arend Rensink ,
Mariƫlle Stoelinga


Test guidance in the NTA model-based testing tool.

NTA is a test tool, developed at NTA, which tests graphical interfaces according to a model that describes executable tests and the resulting correct behavior. 

The model is non-deterministic and contains loops. Even though not necessarily clear from it structure, the model can best be described as a set of sequential use cases which are glued together with conditions that determine when they may be executed. The conditions are determined via local and global variables which may be changed during test execution. Variables may also have a collection of sub variables. The model is used to test a Flex website.

Executing inputs and waiting for the SUT to load windows etc costs time. The tool often finds itself in the situation where it may choose which tests to do next as multiple are currently enabled.

The goal of this assignment is to create an algorithm that can provide advice to the NTA tool which test path is currently the most valuable to take. This is more difficult than it sounds: Unused or less used parts of the model may seem like an obvious answer, but not all parts of the model are necessarily reachable due to the current valuation of the variables.

There are various other options available as well, please contact Arend Rensink or Marielle Stoelinga.

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