title: Design-by-contract at TriMM (Dutch Interactive Award, 2014)
company: TRiMM
keywords: Design-by-constract, Jason, (run-time) verification
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga


TriMM is an innovative company, located at the Creative Campus in Roombeek, Enschede. TriMM develops digital business solutions and concepts (marketing webportals, sites and shops) for business-to-business.In 2014, they won the Dutch Interactive Award.

To achieve better code at lower cost, Trimm is interested in design-by-contract over Jason objects, i.e. to formulate pre- and postcontitions in terms of Jason. These contracts can serve as a basis for verification, either at compile time or at run time. 

Goal of the internship is (1) to investigate TriMM's needs, (2) to build framework for a design-by-contract over Jason objects, based on TriMM's code base and (3) to analze a number of applications using this framework.



  1. Company site (Digital version available here)