author: Jeroen Vonk
title: Test guidance for the Nedap test automation tool
company: Nedap Security Management
keywords: Testing, Nedap
topics: Dependability, security and performance , Testing
committee: Axel Belinfante ,
Gijs Kant ,
Daan van Beek
end: November 2014


Nedap Test Automation (NTA) is an in-house model based tester developed at Nedap. Based on a behavioral model this test tool can explore and test a given user interface. Given an interface NTA can optically find certain elements and emulate user input at that location. NTA can emulate user input, both by mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, NTA can start and stop specific services, and even supports some specific SOAP calls. The model consists of building blocks with specific behavior and supports the use of variables. As this behavioral model grows, exploration strategies for the model become essential. As random exploration does not suffice any more, an approach is made to explore the state-space using a meta-model using BDDs.

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