author: Jenny den Ouden
title: A quest for the best automated tests: Estimating software reliability based on Spec Explorer's on-the-fly test results
company: NSpyre
topics: Case studies and Applications , Testing
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga ,
Marcus Gerhold ,
Jaco van de Pol
started: September 2015
end: May 2016
type: MSc in Computer Science


The goal of this project is to apply and evaluate statistical model-based testing techniques at NSyre.

In particular, the idea is to

(1) give an overview of several model-based statistical (and probabilistic) testing techniques from the literature.

(2) select the most promising technique(s) and apply these to the models and/or systems provided by NSPyre

(3) evaluate the capabilities of these techniques in terms of coverage, fault detection capabilities, etc