author: Jeroen Mengerink
title: SeCo - A Tool for Semantic Test Coverage
keywords: SeCo, test coverage
committee: Mariƫlle Stoelinga ,
Axel Belinfante ,
Michael Weber
end: August 2008


This thesis aims at implementing a tool to calculate semantic coverage and select test suites. With this tool called SeCo, a set of tests can be selected based on the specification of a system according to the theory in Laura Brandán Briones' PhD thesis. Coverage measures are important, because they measure the quality of a test suite. We use semantic coverage measures, because these measures assign the same coverage to behaviorally equivalent systems. The specifications and tests that can be processed by SeCo are labeled transition systems in the Aldebaran format. SeCo is implemented in Java and able to process algorithms like:

  • merging tests into a test suite
  • calculating coverage for supplied test suites and specifications
  • selecting tests according to coverage measures

A small part of the tool is implemented in Maple. This part uses matrix calculations, which are hard to implement in Java.

Additional Resources

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