author: Arend E. van Putten
title: Behavioural Hybrid Process Calculus - Translation to Modelica
keywords: hybrid systems, BHPC, modelica
committee: Tomas Krilavičius ,
Arend Rensink ,
Theo Ruys
end: May 2007


Hybrid systems combine discrete events and continuous behaviour. Discrete events are caused by the evolution of continuous dynamics or external stimuli. The continuous behaviour can change in response to the discrete events or the flow of time. Often such systems behaviour can be observed in embedded systems. Such systems usually observe and react on a continuous time process but the controller itself is of discrete nature.

Behavioural Hybrid Process Calculus (BHPC) is an extension of classical process algebra, based on behavioural theory that is suitable for the modelling and analysis of hybrid dynamical systems. It provides a natural framework for the concurrent composition of such systems, and can deal with non-determinism.

The language is recently developed and no simulation tools are currently available for this language. One of the various ways to simulate a BHPC model is to translate the model to the simulation language Modelica. This thesis describes an algorithm which translates a BHPC specification into a hybrid automaton. This hybrid automaton can be simulated by Modelica by using Modelicas StateGraph library and some additional code.

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