title: Graduation Assignment PolderValley
company: Poldervalley
keywords: software
topics: Software Technology
committee: Marieke Huisman


The graduation assignment is primarily aimed for students of the Computer Science program at the University of Twente. With its size, PolderValley is able to respond quickly to new market needs within the Digital Performance domain. This requires that the organization must be able to apply the latest and innovative (development) technologies to existing and new products. "Intelligent solutions for a smarter world" certainly applies to the products being developed.

We would love to meet the master student for professional research at different stages of the organization. Example topics are:

  • Development techniques: How can we optimize the development process and product increments with a focus on requirement specifications, test frameworks (unit, black box, integration, A/B etc.) and alignment between requirements, testing and increment
  • System architecture: How can we optimize our architecture to keep the system maintainable, flexible and easy to extend. New and innovative architectures like serverless functions, event driven system and building native applications in a browser might help
  • Machine learning: for example to optimize validation techniques but also to present users real-time contextual information
  • Sandboxing: to increase validation options without modifying production systems and data
  • User experience and behaviour: research and optimizing the way our products are used to be intuitive and innovative

Depending on the Master specialization, a specific assignment can be selected that matches scientific relevance and where the results of the research can be applied to the further development of PolderValley products.


Additional Resources

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