author: Sven Konings
title: Code Quality Analysis when Mixing Functional and Object-Oriented Programming in Scala
company: InfoSupport
keywords: Static analysis, multi-paradigm
topics: Languages , Software Technology
committee: Luís Ferreira Pires ,
Ansgar Fehnker
started: January 2020
end: November 2020


In the industry many developers often work on the same code base. To increase software maintainability and reduce defects, the industry often uses code quality guidelines. These guidelines are used in combination with code metrics, which can be used to measure code quality. Current Multi-paradigm Programming (MP) languages often combine concepts from the OOP and FP domains. More and more software projects are using MP languages. The goal of this research is to investigate MP metrics and quality guidelines that can be used to prevent faults when mixing OOP and FP constructs.