author: Raúl Monti and Marieke Huisman
title: Empirical Study on Design by Contract Teaching
keywords: Education, Design by Contract, Software Verification, Empirical Study
topics: Other
committee: Raúl Monti ,
Marieke Huisman


We propose to carry on an empirical study at Dutch schools to find out the effectiveness and limitations of our approach to teach Design by Contract and Software Verification to the students from the last years of secondary school.
We have the description of our approach and a preliminary plan supported by an extension to the Snap! language [1,2,3] that can be found at [4]. The approach should be reviewed and the teaching plan should be elaborated. Also the experiment has to be set up and the guidelines for its result analysis have to be stablished. We need to search for suitable institutions were to carry out the study. Finally we need to carry out the study finding a way to overcome the limitations of the pandemic situation, if any remain by the time the research is realised.