title: Risk Assessment of Water Supply Networks
keywords: Applied research, Water Supply Networks, Development of Tools, Quantitative risk assessment.
topics: Algorithms and Data Structures , Case studies and Applications , Graphs
committee: Mariëlle Stoelinga ,
Lisandro Jimenez Roa


Project description

Water supply networks (WSNs) are important systems to maintain because they are associated with the economic well-being, security, and social fabric of communities, and therefore tools are needed to help us understand their reliability and manage risks.

An intriguing challenge when managing the maintenance of a WSN is to compute the effective number of households affected due to the closure of sections and failure of valves, the latter being common elements used when modeling these systems. Reliably obtaining this information is crucial to improve maintenance strategies and planning.

Current solutions are computationally expensive, inaccurate and even incorrect for some real case scenarios, so the goal is to propose and develop a method that achieves greater calculation accuracy and efficiency.


Main topics:

Fault Tree Analysis, System’s reliability, Probabilistic Graphical Models.



Since your project is applied research, you will have the fantastic opportunity to access real cases from Rolsch Assetmanagement. The suggested tasks are:
(1)    Understand the application context of Water Supply Networks; learn about Fault Tree Analysis.
(2)    Propose and develop a method to calculate the number of households affected by a failure.
(3)    Implement your method
(4)    Evaluate your method
(5)    Have fun and learn!


It is advisable to have some background in state-based modeling.

What will you gain?

Relevant industrial experience.