author: Erik Hegeman
title: On the Quality of Quality models
company: InfoSupport
keywords: quality model, iso 9126, reliability, maintainability, changability, testability
committee: dr. P.A.T. van Eck ,
Mariƫlle Stoelinga ,
drs. M. Pil (Info Support) ,
Nico Nijenhuis (Info Support)
started: February 2011
end: July 2011
type: FMT MSc students


Quantitative assessment of software source code quality can contribute to the overall quality of delivered products and services in IT. In the literature, a number of theoretical quality models exist; many of these models are based on the ISO 9126 standard, or their successors.

In this project, we investigates how well the theoretical quality models predict the "real" software quality. That is, we related the outcome of these quality model to other quality indicators, namely the product quality as perceived by project leaders of the development team, and by financial performance indicators. In particular, we determine, for a number of software products developed at InfoSupport, the statistical correlations between the outcomes of theoretical models, the perceived quality and the financial performance.

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