ANIMO is available for Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux operating systems.
A detailed manual for installing and using ANIMO is available in PDF. This page contains only a minimal installation guide.
The official Cytoscape App page for ANIMO is here.
To try ANIMO without having to install it, use webANIMO!

Required software

  • Java can be installed via your software manager or downloaded from here
  • Cytoscape can be obtained via the Cytoscape download page (contact data are required). The ANIMO App for Cytoscape 3 is being continuously updated with new features, while the older plug-in for version 2.8 (installation instructions here) will be updated only for critical issues.
  • UPPAAL (at least 4.1) is free for academical use and available at UPPAAL home page. Non-academical users can gain access to UPPAAL via

Installing ANIMO

  1. ANIMO is free only for academic use.
    For commercial uses, please contact us at
  2. Run Cytoscape
  3. From the Apps menu choose App Manager
  4. Click on ANIMO in the list of available apps and then on the Install button
  5. ANIMO will be installed in a few moments. You can then close the App Manager
  6. ANIMO will automatically try to locate the verifyta executable included in UPPAAL. If you know the location where you installed UPPAAL, you can just stop the process (press on the small X on the right) and locate the verifyta executable: it can be found in the bin (it can be bin-Linux, bin-Win32, ...) directory inside the UPPAAL installation folder
  7. ANIMO is ready to be used

Updating ANIMO

  1. Run Cytoscape
  2. From the Apps menu, choose App Manager
  3. Click on the Check for Updates tab
  4. If an updated version of ANIMO is available, it will be listed in the table: select it and press Update Selected, or simply press Update All to apply all available updates