How does it work?


We list the external libraries and tools which are required to build this software.


See the <CADP website> on how to obtain a license and download the CADP toolkit.


Download Coral containing a 64bit binary version of imc2ctmdp for Linux from <here>. If you experience problems or need a source version of imc2ctmdp please contact us.

MRMC Backend

Download MRMC from <the MRMC homepage>.

IMCA Backend

Download the most recent IMCA version from <here> and visit for more information the IMCA homepage.


First install all the dependencies listed below and then continue as follows: in Section "Dependencies" above.

						# Unpack the tarball
						$ tar xvzf dftcalc-<version>.tar.gz
						$ cd dftcalc-<version>
						# Create Makefiles
						$ cmake

						# Build
						$ make

						# Install
						$ make install

This will install the software into the default directory /opt/....

For problems with the compilation please report to us.