The projects in which the FMT research group currently participates are listed below. Lists of upcoming projects and completed projects are available too.

Aselsan - University of Twente cooperation

European funding

SUCCESS: SecUre aCCESSibility for the internet of things  (Funded by: CHIST-ERA)

National funding

ArRangeer: smARt RAilroad maintenance eNGinEERing with stochastic model checking  (Funded by: STW / ProRail)
BEAT: Better Testing with Game Theory  (Funded by: NWO)
Mercedes: Maximal Reliability of Concurrent and Distributed Software  (Funded by: NWO)
SEQUOIA: Smart maintenance optimization  (Funded by: STW, ProRail, NS/NedTrain)
SUMBAT: Supersizing Model-Based Testing  (Funded by: STW / TNO-ESI / OcĂ© / PANalytical)
VerDi: Verification of Distributed Software  (Funded by: NWO)

University funding

3TU.BSR: Big Software on the Run  (Funded by: 3TU.NIRICT)
Functional Languages for Databases  (Funded by: CTIT, FMT & DB)
NIRICT Reconnaissance Topic: Performance and Correctness of GPGPU Applications
ViGARO: Verified Generation of Parallel Software  (Funded by: 4TU.NIRICT)