author: Luuk Verkleij
title: Performance improvement of state compression on GPU
topics: Algorithms and Data Structures
committee: Marieke Huisman ,
Saeed Darabi
started: August 2015
end: January 2016


Since 2005 it has become apparent that CPU sequential
speed fails to increase exponentially, making parallel com-
puting like GPU computing more important. The devel-
opment of GPUExplore has shown that model checkers are
one of the applications that could benefit from this trend.
This paper contributes to increasing model checkers speed
by redesigning a hash table algorithm, used by the model
checkers LTSmin and GPUExplore. In this paper we com-
pare the performance of three different designs, including
a new proposed design. Based on the data we have gather,
we claim that our design performance is better than the

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