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TorX Test Tool Information
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tcp(1) - tcp connection program

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tcp - tcp connection program


tcp [ -w ] [ peerhost ] peerport


tcp opens a connection to port number peerport of host peerhost, if given, or the local host otherwise. If takes more than 10 seconds to make the connection, tcp reports an error and exits. If this succeeds, it waits for input on standard input and messages that arrive over the connection, until end of file is detected on either one of these. If the -w flag is given, after end of file on standard input it will continue to wait for end of file on the connection.

Input arriving on standard input is send over the connection to the peer, and messages arriving over the connection are printed on standard output. When end of file is detected either on standard input or on the connection, tcp prints a diagnostic and exits.

Diagnostics are printed on standard error.

See Also

torx-intro(1), udp(1), hexcontext(1), unhexify(1)


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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