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TorX Test Tool Information
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TorX Manual Pages

The TorX installation procedure installs the TorX manual pages in the form of unix manual pages on your own system.

You can also download them here:

And you can also browse them here: the following pages contain the TorX manual pages.

torx-intro(1) - introduction to the Cote de Resyste testing tool torx
adaptlog(1) - torx program to use a torx logfile as implementation
adaptor(1) - default torx program to interface to the SUT
adaptsim(1) - torx program to interface to a TorX primer used as SUT
anifsm(1) - animate, construct or edit graphs in dot format
aniwait(1) - animate progressbar
aut2fsmview(1) - translate Aldebaran (.aut) to FSMView input
autexp(1) - explore Aldebaran (.aut) automaton files
autsimplify(1) - simplify automaton Aldebaran (.aut) file
campaign(1) - generate and populate TorX test campaign directory structure
cppmkprimer(1) - preprocess input with cpp before invoking mkprimer
hexcontext(1) - run program in hexadecimal context
instantiator(1) - instantiate free variables for torx
intersector(1) - combine multiple torx primers
iochooser(1) - suggest by probabilities to stimulate or observe
pui(1) - simple primer user interface
jararaca(1) - explore traces generated from regular expressions
jararacy(1) - animate jararaca trace using lefty
jararacy2anifsm(1) - translate from jararacy to anifsm input format
log2anifsm(1) - translate TorX log to anifsm input
log2aniwait(1) - extract aniwait animation commands from torx log
log2aut(1) - translate TorX log to Aldebaran (.aut)
log2jararacy(1) - extract states from torx log file for jararacy
log2mctrl(1) - translate TorX log to mctrl input
log2msc(1) - extract Message Sequence Chart from TorX log file
log2primer(1) - generate torx-primer commands from TorX log file
ltsaexp(1) - explore fsp specification using ltsa
m4mkprimer(1) - preprocess input with m4 before invoking mkprimer
mctrl(1) - animation progress scrollbar
mkprimer-aut(1) - generate a torx primer for aut using autexp
mkprimer-cadp(1) - generate a torx primer for lotos, bcg, fc2 or aut using
mkprimer-jararaca(1) - generate a torx primer using jararaca
mkprimer-ltsa(1) - generate an fsp primer for torx using ltsa
mkprimer-mcrl(1) - generate a torx primer for mcrl using mcrl2 and mcrl
mkprimer-mcrl2(1) - generate a torx primer for mcrl2 using mcrl2
mkprimer-trojka(1) - generate a promela primer for torx using trojka
mkprimer(1) - generate a primer for torx
mscviewer(1) - view a Message Sequence Chart
partitioner(1) - weight-based test primitive selection for primer
preprocmkprimer(1) - preprocess input before invoking mkprimer
primer(1) - compute test primitives using explorer
primexp(1) - provide torx-explorer interface to torx primer
smileexp(1) - use smile as symbolic explorer for LOTOS
tcp(1) - tcp connection program
tmcs(1) - tcp multicast service
torx-hostname(1) - print hostname taken from network database
torx-logclient(1) - connect torx log monitor command to torx
torx-mans(1) - list TorX manual page file names
torx-querypr(1) - query the TkGnats database
torx-root(1) - report TorX installation directory
torx-sendpr(1) - problem report utility
torx(1) - execute test on-the-fly
torx_open(1) - run open/caesar tool on torx explorer program
udp(1) - udp connection program
unhexify(1) - translate from hexadecimal to ascii
xtorx-showmsc(1) - show a TorX run log as Message Sequence Chart
xtorx-showspec(1) - show a specification file
xtorx(1) - gui for the torx on-the-fly tester
torx-config(4) - configuration file for torx tester
torx-log(4) - log file generated by torx tester
mkprimer(5) - support specification language or toolkit
torx-adaptor(5) - a program that implements an interface to the SUT
torx-explorer(5) - interface to program to explore a labelled transition
torx-instantiator(5) - a program that implements an instantiator
torx-primer(5) - interface to program that derives test primitives from
xtorx-extension(n) - api to specify the Mutants, Primers and Guides menus

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