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TorX Test Tool Information
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torx-log(4) - log file generated by torx tester

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torx-log - log file generated by torx tester


A torx(1) log file should contain all information that is needed for analysis of a test execution run. The log file consists of a number of lines of text. Each line starts with a keyword that identifies the type of line. The keyword is followed by a test-step nummber (except for the keywords CONFIG and CLICKSPERMS). The interpretation of some lines may depend on the particular instantiation of a particular tool-component, like the STATE and STATS lines.


Below follows the list of lines, by keyword.
ABSTRACT test-step-nr iokind-interface action suspension
where iokind-interface is iokind[(pco)] i.e. the iokind input or output followed by optional interface information, enclosed in parentheses ( and ). The interface information is [channel:]pco i.e. the PCO name, optionally preceded by the channel name. Where action is, enclosed in parentheses ( and ), the action derived from the specification, ``executed'' by the adapter, and suspension is, enclosed in parentheses ( and ), 1 in case of input suspension or quiescent observation, and 0 otherwise
the number of Tcl clicks per milli-second (used as primitive high-resolution counter)
CONCRETE test-step-nr iokind-interface ??? ???
the concrete information send over the interface, where both ??? are enclosed in parentheses ( and )
start of CONFIG section
CONFIG keyword value...
information copied from the torx-config(4) configuration files
end of CONFIG section
EOF test-step-nr
end-of-lof-file indication
EXPECTED test-step-nr iokind-interface action suspension
abstract action that was expected to be observed, in the same format as the ABSTRACT lines
LOG test-step-nr details...
TorX tools components torx-primer(5) and torx-adaptor(5) may add arbitrary LOG lines with logging information.
MODE test-step-nr mode
where mode is either normal, for test step done in manual mode, or auto, for test step done in automatic mode
STATS test-step-nr details...
statistics from the primer component, where the details... depend on the particular primer used. See the section LOGFILE STATS in intersector(1), mkprimer-cadp(1), and mkprimer-trojka(1)
STATEID test-step-nr details...
(super)state-identifier number(s) from the primer component, where the details depend on the particular torx-primer(5) See the section LOGFILE STATEID in intersector(1), mkprimer-aut(1), mkprimer-cadp(1), mkprimer-ltsa(1), mkprimer-mcrl2(1), and mkprimer-trojka(1)
TIMESTAMP test-step-nr epoch-seconds clicks <date-string>
where epoch-seconds is the unix time format (seconds since start of unix epoch, 1 jan 1970), clicks is a high-resolution counter that should count in (approximately) milli-seconds, and date-string is a human-readable date string, as output by date(1)
VERDICT test-step-nr correctness [observation-objective]
where correctness is one of (the traditional) pass, fail, or inconclusive, and the optional observation-objective indicates the success of reaching the observation-objective (or the test-purpose), so it is one of hit or miss

See Also

torx-intro(1), torx(1), intersector(1), mkprimer-aut(1), mkprimer-cadp(1), mkprimer-ltsa(1), mkprimer-mcrl2(1), mkprimer-trojka(1) adaptlog(1),


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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