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autsimplify(1) - simplify automaton Aldebaran (.aut) file

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autsimplify - simplify automaton Aldebaran (.aut) file




autsimplify reads an Aldebaran (.aut) format file from standard input, simplifies the automaton as described below, and writes the resulting automaton in Aldebaran (.aut) format on standard output.

autsimplify is an experiment at reducing the size of an automaton without changing it structure, by reducing chains of transitions by a single transition with a single label obtained by concatenating all individual labels. The hope is that this makes it easier for dot (or for anifsm(1)) to compute a layout for the graph.
Initial experiments seem to suggest that the effect may be limited. It may help to remove the label text from the result of autsimplify, such that only the structure of the graph remains, but even that may not be sufficient to allow dot to efficiently compute the layout of a big graph.


autsimplify is just an experiment, it needs more experimentation.

See Also

torx-intro(1), autexp(1), anifsm(1)


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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