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autexp(1) - explore Aldebaran (.aut) automaton files

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autexp - explore Aldebaran (.aut) automaton files


autexp [ -d | -m ] aut-file


autexp implements an explorer for simple automatons in the Aldebaran (.aut) file format from the Caesar/Aldebaran Development Package (CADP). It offers the TorX torx-explorer(5) interface on standard input and output.

When invoked with the -d flag, autexp writes a dot(1) representation of the automaton to standard output, and exits. The dot node names correspond to the state numbers of the automaton, and with each dot edge (depicting a transition of the automaton) a dot attribute name is associated, which is given a unique value.

When invoked with the -m flag, autexp writes the connection matrix of the automaton to standard output, and exits.

The dot(1) output can be used for animation, because autexp encodes the dot state and edge (transition) names in the state identifiers that it uses in the torx-explorer(5) interface. These identifiers can be extracted from a torx-log(5) file using log2jararacy(1) such that a trace of a run of autexp can be animated using anifsm(1) and jararacy(1).
This is the main advantage of using autexp over using the equivalent Aldebaran (.aut) file explorer availabe via the CADP package (see mkprimer-cadp(1)).


The environment variable TORX_ROOT is not supported.

See Also

torx-intro(1), anifsm(1), dot(1), log2jararacy(1), jararacy(1), jararacy2anifsm(1), mkprimer-cadp(1), torx-explorer(5), environ(5)


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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