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TorX Test Tool Information
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torx-logclient(1) - connect torx log monitor command to torx

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torx-logclient - connect torx log monitor command to torx


torx-logclient [ -m mcastid ] host port -- command [ options ... ]


Utility program to connect the given command (with its options) as log monitor to the torx(1) that is already running and waiting for log monitor connections at tcp port number port of host (or ip number) host.

When invoced with the -m mcastid command line option, it sets environment variable TORXMCASTID to mcastid before starting the given command.

Usually this command will be invoked by torx(1); it is not expected to be used directly by the user.

See Also

torx-intro(1), torx(1), torx-log(4)


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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