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TorX Test Tool Information
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torx-querypr(1) - query the TkGnats database

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torx-querypr - query the TkGnats database




torx-querypr is a (Tcl/Tk) utility to query the TkGnats problem database for the available problems or about the status of a submitted problem.

The torx-sendpr main window supports context sensitive online help for most fields shown on the window. By clicking on the text field, for example 'Class:', the online help will popup.

If you click the 'Do Query' button without selecting anything else you will get all problems available. To restrict this number you fill in one or several fields avaible on the window. This selects only those problem reports which comply with the selection you just entered.

See Also

torx-intro(1), mkprimer(1), torx-primer(5), torx-adaptor(5), torx-config(4), torx-log(4), xtorx(1).


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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