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TorX Test Tool Information
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xtorx-showmsc(1) - show a TorX run log as Message Sequence Chart

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xtorx-showmsc - show a TorX run log as Message Sequence Chart




The xtorx-showmsc program is invoked by xtorx(1) whenever the user asks xtorx(1) to show an MSC. The TorX run log is read from standard input.

The xtorx-showmsc program uses log2msc(1) and mscviewer(1) (via Bmsc(1)) to do its job. The command line arguments given to xtorx-showmsc are passed on to Bmsc(1). This is used by xtorx(1) to pass a -r option to Bmsc(1).

See Also

torx-intro(1), log2msc(1), mscviewer(1), torx-log(4)

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