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TorX Test Tool Information
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xtorx-showspec(1) - show a specification file

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xtorx-showspec - show a specification file


xtorx-showspec specification-file


The xtorx-showspec(1) program is invoked by xtorx(1) whenever the user asks xtorx(1) to show the specification of a primer or mutant (IUT).

The xtorx-showspec(1) program takes a single argument: the file name of the specification that is to be shown.

xtorx-showspec(1) tries to identify the specification file contents from the file suffix, in order to be able to show the specification in a nicer way than just as text. Currently, the following file suffixes are recognized:

Binary Coded Graph file; xtorx-showspec(1) shows it with bcg_edit(1)
Automaton file; xtorx-showspec(1) will check if there is a corresponding .bcg file, and, if so, show it with bcg_edit(1)

Other files are shown using the command: xterm -e less file

The user is expected to extend (adapt, replace) xtorx-showspec(1) when more advanced behaviour is needed.


No check is done whether or not the viewing tools used are present.

See Also

torx-intro(1), bcg_edit(1), less(1), xterm(1).

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