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jararacy(1) - animate jararaca trace using lefty

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jararacy - animate jararaca trace using lefty


jararacy [ -m mcastid ] [ -t title ] [ -r ] [ -k key ] dotfile


jararacy uses lefty(1) to animate the automaton (RFSM) generated by jararaca(1) in dotfile (which should be in dot(1) format). After start up, jararacy creates a window (with the given title) in which it draws the automaton, and then waits for animation commands on standard input. On end of file on standard input, jararacy waits for the user to remove the window, after which it exits. The animation commands are expected to be generated using log2jararacy(1), e.g. using a unix command as
log2jararacy < logfile | jararacy dotfile
tail -f logfile | log2jararacy | jararacy dotfile
Make sure that the logfile contains a run of the automaton present in dotfile.

Each animation command consists of a single line of text, of the following form:

[ init initinfo ] [ trans transinfo ]
where initinfo and transinfo are of the following form
[ node ] states [ edge edges ]
where states and edges consist of whitespace separated lists of state/location respectively edge identifiers. Both the init initinfo and the trans transinfo parts of the line may be omittted. If edge edges is omitted from from an initinfo or transinfo, also the node keyword may be omitted.
During animation, the states and edges in the init section will be colored red, and those in the trans section will be colored orange. The idea is that the initstates are those states directly reached by an observable action, and the transstates are those states that can be reached from the corresponding initstates via internal (invisible, tau) actions.

By default, the window will scroll to follow the colored states. This setting can be toggled with the ``track node'' command in the menu under the right mouse button.

By default, the animation in the window will follow the animation commands read from standard input. If this is disabled, the animation has to be done manually using the left and middle mouse button, and/or with the navigation commands in the menu under the right mouse button (as discussed below). This setting can be toggled with the ``mode'' command in the menu under the right mouse button.

In addition, the animation can be remotely controlled. If the -m mcastid command line option is given, or environment variable TORXMCASTID was set, jararacy will attempt to make a remote control connection to the tcp address in mcastid. If it succeeds, it will then interpret lines of text read from the remote control connection consisting of a single number as commands to show the corresponding step in the animation. Additionally, whenever the user uses mouse button and/or navigation commands to show a different step, its step number is written to the remote control connection. The remote control connection allows multiple viewers to show the same test step.

The left mouse button and the middle mouse button can be used to ``navigate'' in the animation: the left mouse button will show the ``next'' step in the animation, and the middle mouse button will show the ``previous'' step in the animation. The menu under the right mouse button contains navigation commands ``play fwd'' and ``play bwd'' to play the animation forward resp. backward, and ``|<<--'' and ``-->>|'' to go to the start resp. end of the animation.

Other commands, e.g. to zoom, to open a birdseye view, etc. can be found in the menu under the right mouse button. For these, and for the other commands in the window, please see dotty(1).

The -r and -k key command line options are only present for compatibility with anifsm(1): they are ignored.


Error messages and navigation diagnostics appear on standard error. The navigation diagnostics can be enabled and disabled with the ``verbose'' command in the menu under the right mouse button.


The animation of ``play fwd'' and ``play bwd'' is too fast.

The environment variable TORX_ROOT is not supported.

Because the animation commands are read from standard input, it is not possible to read the dotfile from standard input.

To overcome problems with the use of reverse video in lefty(1), jararacy uses xrdb(1) to set the following X Windows resource:

LEFTY.reverseVideo: false

See Also

torx-intro(1), jararaca(1), log2jararacy(1), dot(1), dotty(1), lefty(1), torx-logclient(1), tmcs(1), anifsm(1), aniwait(1), mscviewer(1), environ(5)


By Email: <torx_support@cs.utwente.nl>


This manual page documents version 3.9.0 of torx.

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